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Органы власти субъектов РФ – навстречу детям!

The authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation – to the child.

Guided by the task to support children and young people in the context provide rigid support for the socio-economic and sectoral development of the Russian Federation, designated by the President of the Russian Federation in the Message to the Federal Assembly December 1, 2016, OIA "news" and the magazine "Russia's Economic policy" form the all-Russian Internet platform for expansion of cooperation of Executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation with the younger generation in the regions of Russia "authorities of SUBJECTS of the Russian Federation – to the child.".

Objectives of this free resource are:

- Increased interest from the younger generation of Russia's regions to the activity of regional and municipal public administration in socio-economic and investment development of territories, ensuring financial stability and the development of pricing strategies, development of entrepreneurship and consumer market of housing and urban development, the upgrade of industry and transport infrastructure, improvement of the system of the agriculture, housing, fuel and energy complex and environmental safety, the implementation of veterinary activities and licensing control, regulation of the contract system in procurement and tariff regulation, employment and labor relations, enhance food security, natural, cultural, sports and tourism, scientific and educational potential, increasing the availability and quality of services it and communications, civil registry offices and notaries, health care, civic, legal and social protection of population of the Russian Federation;

- Involvement of youth in constructive cooperation with industry bodies of Executive power of subjects of the Russian Federation with the use of a variety of communication channels: mass media, social networking and modern technological developments.

In turn, children from regions of Russia can write about planned or already implemented by industry projects related to the development of their own region and the country as a whole. Simplified registration form is here      

Regional organizations, institutions and businesses have a free opportunity to tell the boys about the core areas of activities and thus to tell the younger generation what profession and in what industry to choose. Examples of placement of information by Executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation can be found in the section on "Russia and the regions"

As a result of such information exchange industry Executive authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, teenagers and their parents should get the community equally strategically-minded people of the state management system, both adults and children that will from generation to generation to defend and protect national interests, sovereignty and independence of the Russian Federation.

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