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Международная конференция по электроэнергетике и выставка тенденций, решений и инновационных продуктов электроэнергетики мирового и центрально-азиатского рынка

International conference on electric power and exhibition of trends, solutions and innovative products in the electricity world and Central Asian market

Purpose of the Forum "of MIIF":
the most effective promotion of advanced technologies and products; attracting investors; assist in the implementation of development strategies in the energy, mining and construction industry, transport, infrastructure and industry energy efficient and environmentally friendly building materials; exchange of experience and acquaintance with innovative technologies and equipment, entering the international market and to establish business contacts.

Members and invited exhibitors: representatives of state departments; the managers and employees of scientific-research and design organizations of the chemical laboratories of industrial enterprises, state institutions, international associations of the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the CIS, as well as private entrepreneurs and managers of energy, engineering, mining, construction and other companies; representatives of specialized universities of Russia and CIS countries, leading experts and market analysts, experts of the international level.

Main sections of the exhibition: traditional energy sources (natural fossil fuels, nuclear energy); energy efficiency and environmental technologies (optimize the performance of power plants, decentralized energy / non-renewable sources of energy, limiting emissions of NOx, SOx, PM and so on, the use of waste for energy); energy systems and smart grid; environmental monitoring.

At the conference "POWER-GEN CONFERENCE 2017" at the highest level will be considered important technical, commercial and organizational issues to implement the ambitious plans of the Indian government to modernize the country's energy infrastructure. It was in this conference "POWER-GEN CONFERENCE 2017" representatives of the government of India announce the plans and objectives in the field of electricity.

"POWER-GEN CONFERENCE 2017" provides more than 50 sessions, more than 100 renowned speakers from around the world, current topics of presentations and panel discussions, more than 200 leading companies from around the world with demonstrations of the latest technologies. In 2015 (in Mumbai) year the exhibition was attended by more than 4,500 industry professionals and 184 exhibitors from more than 45 countries. In 2016 in the exhibition, there were more than 7000 visitors who toured the exhibition 260 exhibitors from 40 countries.

"POWER-GEN CONFERENCE 2017" will be held in conjunction with the exhibition of renewable energy "RENEWABLE ENERGY WORLD India" and an exhibition of hydropower "HYDRO VISION India".

At the same time ongoing activities complement each other and are the Central event in the energy sector of India and Central Asia:
  1. RENEWABLE ENERGY WORLD India Conference & Expo
  2. the
  4. the
project financing / attracting domestic and foreign investment / evolution of public-private partnership / progress of the electricity market / environmental policy (strategy development) / environmental impact / risk assessment and security / education and training / stimulation of energy efficiency / problems and solutions network accessibility.

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