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В Сарапуле планируется реализовать высокотехнологичные инвестиционные проекты по производству композитных материалов

In Sarapul it is planned to implement high-tech investment projects for the production of composite materials

In Sarapul is planned for  the implementation of two investment projects that use  in the manufacture of composite nanotechnology.

The head of Agency of investment development of the Udmurt Republic Rimma Byakova handed organization "mosquito" certificate of entry into the Register of investment projects.

the Investment project for the manufacture of fiberglass and composite products  is the production of nanomodified materials, particularly fiberglass reinforcement for strengthening concrete structures used in construction,  and composite masonry mesh and road reinforcement in the construction of road transport infrastructure. In addition, an important component of the project is to develop a domestic  technologies of production, the main component of glass. Production  is 8 000 tons per year.  the Full cost of the project  - 300 million rubles. The payback period of the project  - 3 years 2 months. This project will create  not less than 150 highly skilled jobs and will contribute to the formation of the production base for the training and internships of students of higher and secondary professional educational institutions.


an Investment project for the production of non-metallic and composite reinforcement also includes a unique technology. The volume of production is 1500 tons per year. The total volume of attracted financial resources  – 25 million rubles.  the project involves an additional 27 highly skilled jobs. The payback period is 2 years and 6 months.

"It's really promising projects of the Udmurt Republic for the production of high-tech materials. Data development  plan to use in various fields - civil engineering, transport infrastructure, chemical industry and agriculture.  Investment projects have high social importance for  Sarapul. It is the creation of new jobs and special training base for the students of the city," said Rimma Byakova.

Both projects aimed at the development of already existing production. To date, the production of composite materials, LLC "mosquito"  superior in physical and mechanical characteristics of the  world counterparts, which proves  accreditation of Russian and foreign testing centers. Due to chemical resistance, lightness and strength, three times the strength of steel,  the materials used for the reinforcement of concrete structures and structures operated in aggressive environments (sea water, chemical, livestock facilities, saline soils, etc.).



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