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Уникальные экскурсии по городам Удмуртии проведут участники  туристско-рекреационного кластера «Камский берег»

Unique tours of the cities of the Udmurt Republic will hold the participants of tourist and recreational cluster "Kama Bank"

The participants of the first thread of "school of guides" has completed the training program advanced training, passed the final exam and defended their tour of the development. 

Trained 35 people – representatives of the tourism cluster "Kama Bank" - employees of travel agencies, museums, municipal institutions,  guides.

Graduation work was the excursion, which the participants defended before the expert panel. The next stage of the groups according to the developed projects.

during may, everyone can participate in free excursions with qualified and certified guides.

the Project will be held in three cities of Republic – Izhevsk, Votkinsk and Sarapul.

For example, you can participate in the excursions:

- "Space Izhevsk" - the route places  space-related (industrial production, cultural and Museum facilities, parks); 

"I love Izhevsk" -  a sightseeing tour of the city;

- "The wooden heritage of the city of Sarapul" - about the wooden architecture of the city;

"The silhouettes of the old town" - bus tour through the Museum quarter of Sarapul;

- "Walking to Izhevsk on Saturday" programme for fans of entertaining stories and Hiking;

Excursion "Roads of victory" in Sarapul;

- "Gari revival" -  historical sites of the city;

"Sarapul industrial" professional orientation tour of the food industry of Sarapul;

- "The Orthodox tradition in the homeland of P. I. Tchaikovsky" in Votkinsk;

walking local history tour "At the Izhevsk wave";

family environmental excursions  others. 


Applications for participation can be sent to mail


Note that the training program "School of guides"  included several sections: theory - "Fundamentals of tourist industry, History, culture, geography, the basics of architecture and urban planning, museums and cultural objects" by UR, "Practice and technique training and guided tours," and practical - "the basics of public speaking and professional skill guide".

During the training the participants gained theoretical knowledge and acquired practical skills necessary for excursions in Sarapul, Izhevsk and Votkinsk. This leadership group, and organizational-legal aspects, history of the Udmurt Republic, the formation of a modern architectural appearance and cultural space of cities of the Republic and, of course, the experience of independent development.

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