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Шаги по улучшению инвестиционного климата республики обсудили на встрече с представителями Ассоциации «Деловая Удмуртия»

Steps to improve the investment climate in the Republic were discussed at the meeting with representatives of the Association "Business Udmurtia"

may 17 meeting of the acting Head of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Brechalov with representatives of the Association "Business Udmurtia".

The meeting was attended by the Chairman of the government of UR Viktor Savelyev, acting Permanent representative of the head of the Udmurt Republic to the President of the Russian Federation Mikhail Khomich, Advisor to the head of the region Alexander Svinin, the head of Agency of investment development of the Udmurt Republic Rimma Byakova, Director of ANO "Center of investment development of the Udmurt Republic" Roman Vakhitov.

The meeting participants discussed the investment climate in the region. In particular, representatives of the business community drew attention to a number of issues in legislation on public-private partnership,  support of the national producers, modernization of production, the distribution of Federal and regional taxes. 

Also one of the topics of discussion was the cooperation of entrepreneurs and authorities.

"Since taking office, the acting Head of Udmurtia became clear to me that business and my colleagues in the Government are very much open questions: what happens? I took a business from scratch, with the market, know what kind of work. Under any circumstances with respect to those who create jobs. My task is to Udmurtia competed with the most successful and developed areas of the country. I think that all the opportunities there are," said the head of the region.

Following the meeting, the Head of Agency of investment development of Rimma Byakova noted that the entrepreneurs and managers of large and medium-sized business has positively assessed the legislative framework of the Republic in terms of tax benefits.   Note that in 2016, so the right to use 29 organizations, which received benefits in the total amount of 347 million rubles.

"In addition, last year we brought in accordance with the Federal normative legal base of the Republic in the sphere of public-private partnerships.  unfortunately, at a very low level is the practice of realization. So for us the priority is the complex development of the institutional environment, the regulatory framework and, of course, the increase in PPP projects", - said Rimma Byakova.

By the next meeting of the members of the Association plan to provide concrete suggestions and initiatives for improvement in business.


Photos: the official website of the Head of Government 

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