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Стартовал первый этап «полевых исследований» территорий Удмуртии для создания карты возможностей региона

Launched the first phase of "field studies" of the territories of the Udmurt Republic to create a map of opportunities in the region

On 17 may Alexander Brechalov discussed with the heads of cities and districts of the Republic of the stages, forms, and principles of joint work, the result of which should be creation of the integrated map of opportunities of the Udmurt Republic. The meeting passed in a videoconference mode.

It was noted that this week began the first phase of "field studies" of the territories of the Republic – each of the municipalities received a detailed questionnaire to collect primary expert information. Ahead of the stages of Desk studies, visits of expert groups in each of the municipalities, brainstorming sessions, allowing you to identify unique opportunities of the territories and create opportunities of municipalities. In the end they will be the basis for the formation of integral maps possibilities  #invest in Udmurtia. It should reflect the specialization of the region, specific objects, platforms and benefits for the investor. Also, according to the head of Agency of investment development of the Udmurt Republic Rimma Bokovoy, the map needs to identify new product niches and prospects of spatial development, to provide for the inclusion of the region in the cluster chains and the establishment in the Udmurt Republic unique  "interregional" projects.  Another result of this work should be a reference to reboot the system for the region work with investors, support of investment activities, including through the improvement of normative legal base.  

The task is challenging, but binding, - said Alexander Brechalov.


"We have a strong and stable military-industrial complex, a developed agriculture, there is oil. But at least the MIC and oil there are limits to the planning horizon. Consequently, the Republic has 3-5 years for economic diversification. You want to add effort for the development of small and medium enterprises, tourism, high-tech industry. The first step we will do is already 25-26 may, the day of the entrepreneur is formed on the basis of your questionnaires and proposals road map. By July-August, after the end of field research and synthesis of the results by experts-analysts, we have to go to the map capabilities of the Udmurt Republic. It's a tight deadline, every day. Some of the classics said: "we Need to run just to stay in place, and in order to get somewhere, you need to run at least twice faster", - commented the acting Head of the Udmurt Republic.

He added that the quality of the card capabilities in the region will depend on the quality of analysis of the situation on the ground, the activity and effectiveness of the support link – local authorities.

In order to raise the level of management decisions on the ground in June in Udmurtia will be held large-scale training of heads of municipalities. The programme, developed by the Russian Academy of national economy and state service under the President of the Russian Federation, should be topics proposed by the heads of MO. The acting Head has declared its intentions to participate in educational course together with heads of local authorities. "This will allow us to better understand each other, speak the same language and work as a team for the benefit of the Udmurt Republic", - said Alexander Brechalov.


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