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Региональная экспертная группа оценила реализацию целевых моделей   по улучшению инвестиционного климата в республике

Regional expert group assessed the implementation of the target models to improve the investment climate in the Republic

Implementation issues in the Udmurt Republic task models simplify procedures of doing business and increase investment attractiveness considered members of the organizing staff to implement the best practices of the National rating. The results of the implementation of the road maps and achievement of indicators was first presented after the evaluation of the expert group.

The event was held under the leadership of acting Chairman of the government of the UR of Victor Savelyev.

"the Challenge for the next period is to maintain the position and to ensure that the momentum achieved high results, primarily due to the introduction of best practices and target models. This, of course, to master and to debug in the country of the new Federation proposed mechanisms, which, as always when solving complex tasks lie in the field of interaction between different levels of government, society and business", - said, opening the meeting, Viktor Saveliev.

The main report on the current situation in the Republic was made by the head of Agency of investment development of the Udmurt Republic Rimma Byakova.

In his speech Byakova Rimma told about results of work of the sectoral ministries and agencies to achieve the targets, the technology works on the new information platform REGION ID, the need for interagency cooperation and voiced the first time this year the results of the work of the expert group. 

27 of representatives of business and NGOs conducted monitoring of implementation of measures to 12 models to improve the investment climate.  Note that a regional expert group is a consultative body formed by the Agency of strategic initiatives to assess the activities of ministries and agencies on implementation of targets in the Republic. Its composition is  included representatives of public organizations "Business Russia", "OPORA Russia", the chamber of Commerce and business. 

A number of target models received high scores on the implementation and achievement of indicators. So, the top scores of the experts were – "the Quality of the investment portal of the Russian Federation",  "the Availability and quality of regional legislation on the mechanisms for the protection of investors and support of investment activities", etc.

The three models are associated with connection to gas and electric  networks, heating networks, water and wastewater, was estimated  below average  level.

"We all need to find a reasonable compromise and communicate when solving problems.  Implementation  of the roadmaps requires the consolidation of efforts of several ministries and departments.  E.g.  in the model of "Obtaining building permits and spatial planning"  the main contractor is the  Ministry of construction of UR, but a lot in the roadmap relies on the activity of the Ministry of energy and housing and communal services", - said Rimma Byakova.

Following the meeting, ministries and departments responsible for the implementation of the target models, it was proposed to provide for the execution of the road maps including interagency cooperation.

In addition,  in  line ministries should appear  professional consultants profile of each target model, which will provide methodological support to the activities of the expert group.  




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