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Центру поддержки экспорта Удмуртской Республики – 5 лет!

The export support center of the Udmurt Republic – 5 years!

the export support Center of the Udmurt Republic – 5 years!

In October, the Center of support of export was 5 years old. It was created by one of the first in Russia.  And let the company is very small age, during this time, the Center has become a reliable support and partner for many export-oriented enterprises of the Republic.

Over 5 years of working with clients of the Center were 335 enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses that were provided more than 2,100 various forms of support. Currently, the clients of the Center to produce nearly 6,000 product items. The export support centre spent 15 business missions abroad organized 40 booths of companies at the International exhibitions in 16 countries. But the most important achievement of the export contracts which companies execute with the assistance of the Center. For 5 years was signed 104 agreements for a total amount of nearly 12.5 million dollars.

"the Most difficult was to create a Center of export support from scratch, – says the head of the export support Center of Valery Antonenko, – had not only standards and requirements, there is almost no such practices. We had to use the experience of foreign colleagues. Thanks to a concerned and cohesive team and a sincere desire to make the working efficient mechanism of export support, was able in a short time to formulate their own regulations and to successfully work with exporters".

"the Need to create infrastructure to support exports primarily came from business, – said Mikhail Zaitsev, acting Minister of economic development, Entrepreneurs began to understand that it is necessary to enter foreign markets and to address specific issues, including the Ministry of economy. It was then at the Federal level there was a program of infrastructure development of small and medium-sized businesses, which allowed us to co-financing to create the Center of support of export, by the way, one of the first in Russia."

The Centre's activities is always a series of events. The most incredible and unusual situations in the work Center associated with business missions. There were cases when the participants of the business mission, fell asleep at the airport and was late for the flight when a few weeks before the event from participation refused by all participants. Recently there was a case when several members of the delegation had to reach the Town of Goslar, in Germany, within 24 hours by car, bus, plane, train-train and taxi, making a total of 8! Direct.

Michael Tumin, Deputy Minister of economy of the Udmurt Republic notes that over the five years the Centre has developed a great team of like-minded professionals in the business, which has demonstrated the effectiveness of the Center and entered the TOP 15 export centers of Russia. Everything turned out as planned. The centre organizes international business missions for entrepreneurs, stands at international exhibitions, training, consulting. This allows establishing production and commercial cooperation of the Udmurt entrepreneurs with foreign partners, to establish business contacts for the conclusion of foreign trade transactions.

"the Number of exporters in the SME segment of the Udmurt Republic is growing – sums up 5 years of work of the Centre Alexey vyugov, CEO GFSK UR, the number of export contracts concluded by the entrepreneurs with the assistance of Center staff, increasing year by year. So, my mission is the Center of support of export performs, the team is working effectively, the project has taken place.

Activities in support of exporters actively promoted at the Federal level. Further the prospect of our Udmurt is, of course, in close cooperation with the "export center", and other Federal agencies in the use of the potential of the Federal government in the interests of the Udmurt exporters. And not just small, medium and large".

For reviews of Center staff, in their in the first place, motivate a grateful exporters who supply goods, sometimes for the first time, with the assistance of the export support Center of.

5-year anniversary is only the beginning of a long journey. The export support center is grateful to colleagues, clients and partners of the Center for successful collaboration and wishes you infinite possibilities and significant achievements!


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