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Итоги бизнес-миссии предприятий Удмуртии в Болгарию

The results of the business mission of enterprises of the Udmurt Republic to Bulgaria

The results of the business mission of Udmurt enterprises in Bulgaria

From 25 to 29 September 2017 was held a business mission to the Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia and Plovdiv. The delegation of the Udmurt Republic was headed by Mikhail Khomich, Head of the Udmurt Republic to the President of the Russian Federation – Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Udmurt Republic.

The delegation of the Udmurt Republic includes companies engaged in the manufacture of detergents and paint tools, plywood and latoflex, condensers, and construction of arenas in spectator sports venues.

During the business mission was held with over 70 individual meetings in which the participants of the business mission agreed to continue cooperation and negotiations regarding future supplies of products.

The company "New house", the Russian leader in sales of pigment pastes and tinting solutions, has established contacts with four potential partners who are willing to present a product to the market of Bulgaria. The ability to solve complex technological issues in the field of kolerovaniya allows the company to replace the Bulgarian market manufacturers of similar products from Finland, Greece and Belgium.

The largest exporter of plywood of Udmurtia and supplier of IKEA, OOO "Orion" found three major distributors willing to sell their products not only in Bulgaria, but also to establish sales in Romania, Macedonia and the Baltic States.

The representative of the plant JSC "elekond", leader in the production of capacitors in Russia, agreed on the possibility of exports in Bulgaria with two distributors, and also of the joint work on the development and promotion of innovative products based on new capacitors. 

Company OOO PK "Vortex" made contact with two of the largest clients in the areas of chemicals and cleaning tools in agribusiness and the food industry. In addition, the company considers possibility of delivery of anti-graffiti coatings, which were expressed prior interest.

 OOO "Avangard-Stroy", manufactures sports chairs and stands, met with leaders of the football and volleyball associations, and established contracts with two contractors Bulgaria who are engaged in the construction of sports facilities. To date, the company has a chance to oust from the market the same manufacturers  of Poland and Turkey.

In the framework of the business mission also managed to sign two memoranda of cooperation: the Bulgarian industrial Association and Economic area "Trakia". According to Valeria Antonenko, head of the export support Center of the Udmurt Republic, these agreements are aimed at further development of a dialogue between small and medium enterprises of the Udmurt Republic and Bulgaria, which is especially important given the high competitive advantages of the product of the Udmurt manufacturers on the Bulgarian market.

The business mission is organized by export promotion Center at the Ministry of economy of the Udmurt Republic and the Russian Agency of support of small and medium enterprises (Moscow) – member of the Consortium EEN-Russia.  

For reference: In October 2017 will be the mission of the enterprises of the Udmurt Republic to Finland. For 2018 pre-planned business mission to China, Estonia, Hungary and India.

For participation in business missions of the Center of export support please contact us by phone +7 (3412) 655-580, 655-079, or email

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