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В Удмуртии получили поддержку проекты по организации производства в Завьяловском районе и по созданию горнолыжного курорта «Sky-парк» в Воткинске

In the Udmurt Republic received the support of projects on organization of production of the zavyalovsky district and the creation of a ski resort's "Sky Park" in Votkinsk

At the meeting of the Expert group at the Council on investment and competition policy in the Udmurt Republic were discussed investment projects LLC "TECNOCLIMA-RUS" and LLC "Chelsea". Following consideration of the projects were considered eligible large-scale investment projects established by the Law of the Udmurt Republic from may 12, 2015 No. 24-RZ, which gives the proponents the right to receive for their realization, land to rent without bidding.

OOO "TECNOCLIMA-RUS" in the framework of the investment project on the territory of the municipal formation "Zavyalovsky district" plans to organize the production of heat exchangers and refrigeration systems. The project envisages investment of more than $ 505 million. and creating over 200 new jobs.

In the city of Votkinsk, OOO "Chelsea" in the framework of the investment project worth 103,0 million RUB plans the construction of a ski complex "SKY Park" with the creation of infrastructure for year-round use. The project envisages the creation of more than 30 new jobs.

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