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Снижены налоговые ставки для инвесторов Удмуртии

Reduced tax rates for investors, the Udmurt Republic

The government of the Udmurt Republic approved a legislative initiative to lower the rate of profit tax for organizations implementing in the Udmurt Republic investment projects on new platforms – so-called "Greenfield" (from eng. Greenfield – "open field" land, free from buildings, for the construction of the industrial complex "turn-key").

The organizations engaged in the Udmurt Republic, investment projects can receive tax benefits on a competitive basis. But if the reduction rate for tax on profit on average is approximately 3.5 percent for "green fields" will be reduced by 4.5 percent. Conditions in addition to novelty – the creation of new jobs and taxes to the consolidated budget of the Udmurt Republic. Also of importance to the industry. Maximum benefit can only count investment projects of industrial orientation.

The exemption will only apply to newly created production and act in 2018.

Suggestions on adjustment of the Republican law "About the tax benefits associated with implementing tax activities", approved at the meeting of the government of the UR, will be submitted for discussion and approval of the State Council UR one of the next sessions.

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