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Делегация немецких предприятий посетит с деловым визитом Удмуртию

The delegation of German companies will visit Udmurtia

29-30 November 2017 will be the business visit of the delegation of German enterprises in the Udmurt Republic. The event aims to develop long – term and mutually beneficial cooperation between enterprises of small and average business of the Udmurt Republic and Germany. The event was organized by the Russian-German chamber of Commerce and information Center of German economy with the assistance of the export support Center of UR and the Government of the Udmurt Republic.

The composition of the foreign delegation included representatives of engineering companies, manufacturers of air conditioners and heating equipment, suppliers woodworking equipment, consulting and auditing company.

29 Nov from 18h30 in the hall "Brussels" (Park inn)  held contact exchange and business networking session with members of the delegation and representatives of enterprises of the Udmurt Republic.

We invite you to participate enterprises of the Udmurt Republic in the following areas of activity:

1. construction;

2. energy;

3. innovative technologies and projects;

4. woodworking;

5. thermal equipment;

6. engineering etc.

Also during the visit, businessmen of Germany will visit a number of enterprises of the Udmurt Republic and get acquainted with the manufacturing capabilities of potential partners.

Today Germany is a perspective trade partner of Republic of Udmurtia. According to the Analytical portal of the Russian export center , for an average gain of volumes of export of Udmurt Republic in Germany in the last two years is about 10%. In the ranking of promising countries for exports from Russia, Germany takes 3rd place. In the main categories of the export structure include: inorganic chemical products, furniture and lighting fixtures, clasificadosonline goods, etc.

Apply it in the export support Centre by tel: +7 (3412) 655-079, 655-580, e-mail: udmexport@gmа

If you want to make a presentation during the networking session, presentation should be sent to udmexport@gа until November 24, 2017 Will be pre-selection.



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