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У Глазова есть все шансы получить в 2018 году статус ТОСЭР

From Glazov has all the chances to 2018 the status of ADZ

The application for creating territories of priority socio-economic development in Glazov sent to the Ministry of economic development will be reviewed in a timely manner and within the time schedule.  

This was announced by the Head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov yesterday, December 25, during the meeting with the media during his working trip to the city of Glazov.

In particular, Glazovskiy journalists asked the head of the region about how he evaluates the effectiveness of  the management team of the Administration, the city of Glazov on the promotion of the application for obtaining the status of an ADZ.

"First - no need to wait for the city received a particular status or preferences. It is necessary to use the opportunities that exist in the database. Just been on your pretty serious furniture factory. And for me the surprise was that  a modern and active entrepreneurs, focusing on loan at 10.5 per cent, advanced their cause. Just like them to  the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia provides loans under 5%.  And now such preferences, the possibility to obtain a soft loan is. But you are right: AASED for company towns is an additional tax and fiscal preferences, which already has received the city of Sarapul.

We had a restart in collaboration with the Fund of development of monotowns. Glazov and team heads are actively involved in this program, but not without difficulties. Had to put a lot of effort in order for the temp to raise, to teach something. Currently, proposals are on schedule. We have all the chances in 2018 this status to. Here  huge prospects in the field of wood processing, you have a unique production. I fully support the mayor (Mr. O. N. Bekmametov – ed.) who took the initiative to create an industrial cluster – from rough to final processing of wood. It is a good prospect, and will do our utmost to support this project, not only through the mechanisms of Fund of development of monotowns, we have the Republican opportunity. If we see that the plans are based on something, we will try by all forces to support them", - concluded Alexander Brechalov.

Recall, obtaining the status of an ADZ will allow you to set the Glazov special legal regime of entrepreneurial activities, which are favorable for localization of small and medium business, as well as attracting investment. Glazov included in your application more than ten new productions that relate woodworking, flax processing, production of electrical equipment for highways, Railways, and more.

This information is taken from the website of UR Head

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