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В Правительстве УР подвели итоги реализации приоритетного проекта «Формирование комфортной городской среды» в 2017 году

In UR Government summed up the results of implementation of the priority project "Formation of a comfortable urban environment" in 2017

Today, 18 January, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Yaroslav Semenov held a meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission at the Head of the Udmurt Republic for implementation of the state program of UR "Complex development of housing and communal services of UR". In 2018-2020, the Federal project will continue, and residents of the municipalities themselves to choose the public area that they want to see improved.

A key theme of the meeting was summing up the implementation of priority project "Formation of a comfortable urban environment," the improvement of courtyards and public spaces and settlements in 2017, as well as discussing plans for the years 2018-2022.

Opening the meeting, Yaroslav Semenov, in particular, stressed that the issues of improvement come to the fore in the work of the authorities, and this task is paramount. The implementation of the project the most careful attention paid by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, who on 17 January, took part in the work held in Kolomna near Moscow forum of small towns and historic settlements. One of the themes of the event was summarizing the first year of implementation priority project "Formation of a comfortable urban environment". Speaking at the forum, the head of state, in particular, stressed that all decisions regarding the improvement of public spaces and courtyards should be made solely based on the opinion of the residents.

"I ask the Ministry of construction, housing and energy of the Republic to perform the outcome on the eve of the forum of small towns and historic settlements, with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was attended by the delegation of the Udmurt Republic. Colleagues at a forum presented our municipality. In addition, the decision on the allocation of significant budget funds for implementation of improvement projects in small towns and historic settlements. Therefore, we need to consider how we will participate in the competition of development projects of public spaces. Please provide information to the next meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission the head of the Udmurt Republic", - said Yaroslav Semenov.

Speaking about the results of the first year of implementation of the Federal project, the first Deputy Minister of construction, housing and energy UR Ivan Novikov, in particular, noted that the experience gained over the past year, will be the Foundation for the realization of socially important priority in the coming years. In 2017 for its implementation from the Federal budget was sent to 273 million roubles. Co-financing from the budget of UR amounted to 122 million rubles. The municipalities and the owners have invested in the project more than 36 million rubles.

In the city of Sarapul was achieved the highest percentage of co-financing repair of courtyards owners to 21%. Only in 2017 were upgraded 293 yard in 32 settlements. The main of this work was the paving of the yard and Parking spaces. Ivan Novikov noted, this need evolved over the years, however, from the point of view of improving the urban environment, only the paving of the yard does not create favorable conditions for recreation, raise the cultural level of leisure time people have. It is necessary to reconsider the approach to the issue of improvement of yards, pay attention to the presence in the yard playing zones, zones with small architectural forms, as well as to improve accessibility to public facilities, yard areas for people with disabilities and people with limited mobility.

In 2017 were upgraded 9 public spaces in Izhevsk, Glazov, Votkinsk, Sarapul, Mozhga, Kambarka, Kez, Karakulino and Uwe. Also in the framework of the project carried out work to landscape the Park in Mozhga. For these purposes from the Federal, Republican and municipal budgets was allocated 8,23 million. All cities and districts participating in the project in 2017, in time, completed the work on improvement of courtyard and public areas.

And in 2017, this special attention will be paid to informing citizens about the implementation of programs on the Internet and the media. Most municipalities have created community pages and social networking sites which conduct active information work. In addition, it is necessary to intensify the work on placing information on the official websites, as well as visualization of the action priority of the project.

Ivan Novikov noted that the participation of Udmurt Republic in the priority project will be continued in subsequent years. To 15 February 2018 it is planned to sign the Agreement between the Ministry of the Russian Federation and the government of the UR on the provision of subsidies. According to the budget for 2018, landscaping, yards and public areas will be allocated 346,7 million rubles (over the next five years - roughly 1, 7 billion rubles).

Participation in the project 2018-2022 gg will accept settlements with a population of over 1000 people. All such settlements in the Republic of Udmurtia – 89. To date, all local authorities approved municipal programs. Each municipality will receive funds based on a five-year plan – in proportion to the number of citizens. The implementation of the improvement of yard areas should be carried out with mandatory participation of owners.

This information is taken from the website of UR Head. Source:

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