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Александр Бречалов начал свою работу на российском инвестиционном форуме забегом в поддержку наших олимпийцев

Alexander Brechalov was launched at the Russian investment forum run to support our Olympians

The second day of the Russian investment forum in Sochi was opened a unique sporting event – the race for the governors Cup on the Formula 1 track.

The organizer of the race was organized by the Foundation "Recongress" with the support of triathlon Federation of Russia and the company Universa. The head of the Udmurt Republic headed the organizing Committee of the governors Cup. The race was attended by over 500 people.

The participants welcomed the Minister of sports of Russia Pavel Kolobkov and Head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov.

"I am very glad that today, despite the early morning, so many runners. <> You know that our race is dedicated to our athletes who these days perform at the Olympics. Let's all together support. Will give them our energy, our spirits, we wish them success. All good mood", - addressed to participants Pavel Kolobkov.

The head of the Udmurt Republic also congratulated all those present with a good and proper tradition "to start the morning with sport."

"The team of Udmurtia here is a silver Olympic medalist in biathlon Ivan Tcherezov. And Maxim Vylegzhanin, who at Sochi won silver. <...> We're all in this together – the team of Udmurtia - support our Olympians, who are now fighting for prizes. For that they honor and praise, regardless of the outcome. So we don't just start this morning right, with a jog, but still pass the energy our guys in Korea. Good day to all. #Udmurtiya charges", - noted in his speech, Alexander Brechalov.

Later in conversation with journalists the head of the region commented that the race is more friendly race, a kind of support to our Olympic team in the current Olympics.

"It's more friendly this race though there will be prizes. If ten years ago the morning we began differently at different events, now sports. I am glad that in the country, more and more people join the sport, to a healthy lifestyle. So here story is not about results, but about the support for grassroots sports. And it's great!"- said the head of the SD.

Add that to the team in the Udmurt Republic in addition to Alexander Brechalov, Ivan Tcherezov and Maxim Vylegzhanin in the race was also attended by a member of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation – the representative from the State Council of the Udmurt Republic Yury Fedorov.

This information is taken from the website of UR Head. Source:

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