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Глава Удмуртии выступил на сессии сочинского форума "Умный город - новое качество жизни"

The head of Udmurtia spoke at a session of the Sochi forum "Smart city - a new quality of life"

Today, the first official working day of the all-Russian investment forum in Sochi, the Head of Udmurtia took part in a panel discussion   "Smart city - a new quality of life."

The modern city is changing the way of life, creating an environment for the development and implementation of creative and intellectual potential. People choose not to a specific apartment, and the environment where they are interested and comfortable to live in, the house, the yard, the entire area. How do you assess the quality of the urban environment officials, business and the people themselves? How to determine the most important and to focus on it? What is a "smart city"?

Find answers to these and other issues associated with the introduction of modern technologies in the urban economy, engaged in today, the participants in the Sochi forum, among whom was Alexander Brechalov.

"Smart city is a city   where the authorities take smart decisions - opening the meeting, said the Minister of construction and housing utilities of the Russian Federation Mikhail Men. - Important here is the comfort of the city, key architectural decisions, important public space, which begins to play an increasingly significant role in the development of the territory. Smart city - integrated concept".

The vision of movement towards smart city presented the President of the PJSC "Rostelecom" Mikhail Oseevsky, the other participants in the panel discussion.

"Theme "Smart city" we are only now beginning to do, so that is where to make efforts, - said the head of the Udmurt Republic. - When I arrived in the Republic, has faced a number of problems. For example, sociological studies have shown that almost 70 percent of Izhevsk citizens during the weekend stay at home. Decided to discuss with the public the format of the holidays (12 June - Day of Russia and Day of Izhevsk). Got a lot of proposals. And for three days held 297 events. Most of them based on the ideas of the townspeople. This approach broke the skepticism of people to a public open debate ".

Alexander Brechalov shared experience of joint efforts by the example of reconstruction of the Gogol Boulevard in Izhevsk, told about the project Glazov young urbanists "Gorsad", highlighted the work on the construction of an indoor skating rink in Mozhga. He noted that people need not just a skating rink, the desired center of gravity, emotions. Next to the ice rink, which is easy transformirovalsya the concert platform, you can create a modern Park, activity zones for all categories of the population. And this should be done at European level to the local residents wanted to live in the city.

The head of the Udmurt Republic has addressed to colleagues with a proposal to create a nationwide directory of solutions in terms of urban development: "If there was somewhere cool project, a unique architectural and / or complex solution, it is in online mode it is necessary to amend the guide to use in other cities and regions."

The moderator of the session of the main state housing inspector of Russia Andrey Chibis agreed with this proposal.

Today Alexander Brechalov as a speaker participated in the panel discussion "New regional policy - continuity or change". The conversation at the session was on ensuring the sustainable development of the regions.

The head of the Udmurt Republic focused the attention of colleagues on the need to raise competence of specialists: "We have identified the key problem. It's footage. Frames are not just able to calculate a particular project and more or less satisfactorily to accompany him. But today, personnel should be able to manage changes. It is now very important competency".

Chapter LVL 15 February, also participated in the event "Open dialogue with the Governor" and answered numerous questions from Russian and foreign media.

Information taken from the website of UR head. Source:

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