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Команда Удмуртии пригласила Дмитрия Медведева на всероссийские зимние спортивные любительские игры

The team of Udmurtia was invited by Dmitry Medvedev at the all-Russia winter sports the Amateur game

An official invitation and a personalized starting number in the upcoming March national winter sport games in the Udmurt Republic presented the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, President of the biathlon Federation of the Republic of Udmurtia Ivan Tcherezov at the exhibition Russian investment forum. An invitation to the event became the Minister of sports of Russia Pavel Kolobkov.

As we reported earlier, these days in Sochi is a Russian investment forum. The forum exhibition is the unique platform for the promotion and development of projects in the investment and operational stages of implementation.

In the exhibition halls are well represented stands of Russian regions, Federal authorities, research institutes, banking institutions. Here is the presentation of promising investment projects. In addition, the exhibition works as a special communication platform - Keys-zone "Investment ecosystem as a driver of development of the regions of the Russian Federation".

The stand of the Udmurt Republic is divided into three thematic blocks: "Made in Udmurtia", "invest in others" and "others charges".

In the "Made in Udmurtia" their advanced technologies, modern products and new projects presented by leading regional enterprises and companies: IEMP "Kupol", Izhevsk radioplant, JSC "Mechel", "KOMOS-Groups", Zala Aero, JSC Avangard, OOO "Kvadro electric invest", LLC "Boxclass", OOO "Russian information technologies" and others.

In addition, stand visitors in an improvised bar can try products manufactured in Udmurtia (tea, honey, cakes, meat and dairy products, coffee, drinking water).

With the aim of attracting potential global investors in the development of transport and sports infrastructure of the region in the block "invest in Udmurtia" presents a large regional investment projects.

Udmurtia as a driver in organizing unique sporting events of the Russian and international level, and also in the sphere of event tourism more fully disclosed in the block "Udmurtia charges".

#Udmurtiya charges is first and foremost a sport. The team of Udmurtia in Sochi are the Olympic medalist, the President of Federation of biathlon of the Udmurt Republic Ivan Tcherezov, the winner of the presidential summer sports games 2013 the Udmurt Republic,  candidate master of sports in athletics Veronica Safina, Vice-champion of the Olympic games in Sochi the Russian skier Maxim Vylegzhanin.

"#Udmurtenergoremont, so the ambassadors at the Sochi forum became the silver medalist of the Olympic games, the biathlon world champion Ivan Tcherezov and champion of Udmurtia athletics Veronica Safina", - commented the Head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov in their social networks.

He also added that  this year Udmurtiya has tried as much as possible brighter and clearer for investors to imagine the potential of our Republic. Represent not only separate areas – industry, tourism, sport, and show a whole new perspective on the development of the region.

This information is taken from the website of UR Head. Source:

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