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July 30 at the residence of the Head of the Udmurt Republic held a meeting of the Public Council under the Ministry of agriculture and food. Topic – discussion of the Concept of development of the dairy industry in the Republic. The meeting was chaired by Alexander Brechalov.

"The development of the dairy industry we are in different part discussed many times, - said the Head, opening the meeting. - There are different approaches, different opinions. The main wish of the farmers: give us a higher purchase price, more subsidies per litre of milk and leave us alone, please... But the question of efficiency aside. They say that we should all help, because this village, this village. But I must say that it did not happen. Someone nazivaet 7-8 thousand pounds per cow a year, even 9 thousand, others - much less. Yes, support the village - definitely one of the priorities of our work and we, of course, this issue will be addressed. Let's just decide how to support the village? To help everyone equally, including those who nazivaet 2,5-3 thousand kilograms of milk, and where invested in the economy, the ruble is not something that disappears, but also brings losses? Need to get on the program support linking production efficiency. It is already obvious".

The concept and action plan for its implementation presented to the Executive Director of the national Union of milk producers Artem Belov, General Director of "Streda Consulting" Alexey Gruzdev and the Minister of agriculture and food of the Udmurt Republic Olga Abramova.

The main purpose of the concept - long-term development of the dairy industry in the country, improving its efficiency and profitability. This provides for the development of the commodity sector and processing, expansion of sales markets of finished products, including export, the capacity building APK. The key driver for the development of production should be the creation of highly productive pedigree to the kernel. You need to improve the genetics of animals, to improve the quality and marketability of products, develop sales and industrial cooperation.

For 12 years, total state support will amount to more than 23 billion roubles in the ratio of Federal and regional financing on the basis of 50 to 50. These funds will focus on building public infrastructure and encourage farmers to implement intensive technologies. The main focus will be on our best farms with livestock more than 800 dairy cows and productivity per cow 7-12 thousand pounds a year. However, according to Olga Abramova, the rest of the economy will not leave without attention. "Government support of all participants of the dairy market in the framework of existing laws and programs will be continued, but additional funds will be only those who are willing to grow, and strives for high efficiency production", - she explained.

The vision concept was expressed by General Director of JSC Oshmes Sharkansky district Anatoly Khokhryakov, Director of JSC "Lenin's Way" zavyalovsky district Peter Vostrikov, Director of JSC "ALAP" Alnashskiy district Alexei Chernyshev and other participants of the meeting. Farmers agreed that the development plan is necessary and should be adopted, however offered more details to work out criteria for "weak" farms (less than 5500 kg of milk from 1 cow in one year, debts on taxes and wages). This will create a working group.

At the end of the meeting the head of the region urged not to delay the finalization of the Concept that in the process of working on the regional budget the next year deputies have taken into account the requests of the farmers.

Information and photographs taken from the website of UR Head. Source:

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