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ООО «Торговый дом «Сделано в Удмуртии» - новые возможности для предпринимателей Удмуртии

OOO "Trading house "Made in Udmurtia" - new opportunities for entrepreneurs Udmurt Republic


November 2, 2018 in the framework of the Forum "Made in Udmurtia" the presentation of the LLC "Trading house "Made in Udmurtia".

With a welcome speech by Dmitry Generalov, CEO of JSC "Development Corporation of the Udmurt Republic", denoting the necessity of establishing a Trading house as a platform for online and offline sales and promotion of producers of the Udmurt Republic.

Felix Gibadullin, Director of OOO "Trading house "Made in Udmurtia", during the presentation of the Trading House, reported on the activities of the organization, the basic principles of cooperation, benefits for businesses, with the trademark "Made in Udmurtia" and its use.

Also announced was a joint project of LLC "Trading house "Made in Udmurtia" and FGUP "Mail of Russia". The project concept was presented by the head of sales Direct marketing FGUP "Mail of Russia", Alexander Levkin, with the direct participation of Andrey Sivtsov, head of the Udmurt branch FGUP "Mail of Russia", and Dmitry Trubnikov, the head of regional sales FGUP "Mail of Russia".

At the end of the presentation, the Director of "Castoff" Mikhail Medvedev presented the joint project of LLC "Trading House "Made in Udmurtia", LLC "Castoff"/"CASHOFF", allowing to increase sales volumes of the Udmurt manufacturers. The outcome of the event was the signing of the cooperation agreement between the companies.

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