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The site for slaughterhouse construction in Kalashur village

Date added: 28.06.2016

Date of updating: 28.06.2016

Type of land: test

Type of land: Residential area



Description of site:

The site for slaughterhouse construction in Kalashur village

Site purpose:


The availability of infrastructure:

Electricity Available to connect, 0.3 km distance tillKalashur village Gas Supply Available to connect, 0.2 km distance tillKalashur village Water Supply Available to connect, 1.9 km distance tillKalashur village


The area is located near Kalashur village No highway linkage, 0,2 km till the dirt road Kiyasovo - Lutoha No railway transportation service The nearest railway station – 37.2 km Distance to theairport Izhevsk 84km




Kiyasovsky District, near Kalashur village


8(34133) 3-25-05

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