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Excursion-tourist complex “Burеnkina manor”

Industry: Tourism

The implementation stage: Pre-investment stage

The purpose of the project:

To create conditions for Alnashsky District competitive tourism industry as the one of economy sectors. To save and rational use of cultural, historical and natural heritage, creating positive image of the territory, favorable for tourism and recreation.

Project description:

  • General Improvement in  Kizekovo village, Alnashsky District (3000 m2);

  • Overhaul of the building at Kizekovo village, Alnashsky District, T.Borisova Str., 15A;

  • Collection of exhibits for the museum;

  • Staff selection for the event;

  • Advertising and information support in order to promote tourist product;

  • Scenarios development and carrying out activities in the complex "Burenkina manor"

Coordinates: 52.46917939224037,56.190995357360634

The total cost:

6 million.

Own funds:

4 million.

The need for investment:

1.8 million.

The borrowed funds:

3.74815 million.

The payback period:

3 years

Integral indicators:

<p> - Establishment in Alnashsky District developed base of tourism and tourist infrastructure; </p> <p> - Tax revenues of consolidated budget - 300 thousand rubles; </p> <p> - Development of related industries (trade, transport, communications, construction, consumer goods and handicrafts, etc.). </p> - New jobs creation - 8 units.


Administration Alnashsky District Department of Culture


Starikov Tatyana


Udmurt Republic, Alnashsky District, Alnashi village, Komsomolskaya Str., 3


8 (34150) 31152

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