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Visiting the farmer

Industry: Tourism

The implementation stage: Pre-investment stage

The purpose of the project:

2 guest houses construction, as well as bath houses, outbuildings in Old Salyan village; construction of water supply, parking lots (roads) with a hard gravel surface and work on landscaping (arbors, pathways, landscaping) in the development of rural tourism in order to increase the level of development of tourism infrastructure, reducing the lack of collective accommodation facilities with the modern comfort and service standards.

Project description:

Visiting Petrova P.G. farm in Old Salyan village, accommodation in guest houses for a long time, both with friends and with family. Visiting the farmer you have a chance to get acquainted with the rural way of life, to see the modern farm, go fishing, picking berries and mushrooms. Ther farmer do let you go without treats. You can enjoy national Udmurt cuisine, as well as dishes made of natural products produced in its own economy.

Coordinates: 53.26500153565251,56.1393815603637

The total cost:

3 million.

The duration of the project:


The payback period:

3 years and 2 months

Integral indicators:

Break-even point = fixed costs: the selling price = the number of visitors. In 2013, it is 690 people. Only after reaching the break-even point the organization will begin to make a profit, will be effective and cost-effective. To achieve this, with service unit price of 1,000 rubles, number of visitors is expected to increase to 1650 people per year. In addition it will also create 3 job units. It is expected that annual profit can reach 27.25 thousand. Rubles in the consolidated budget.


Head of KFH - Petrov Peter


427847, Udmurt Republic, Ermolaevo village, Udmurtskaya Str., 2.


8 904 3158 80

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