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Breeding sheep of Udmurt Soviet type

The implementation stage: Pre-investment stage

The purpose of the project:

To achieve mutton production up to 6 m. per year. Obtaining the status of tribal reproducer.

Project description:

Coordinates: 53,311, 56,141

The total cost:

1 million.

Own funds:

0.3 million.

The duration of the project:

2010 - 2015

The need for investment:

0.7 million.

The borrowed funds:

0.7 million.

The payback period:

3 years

Integral indicators:

By 2015, the population will grow up to 220 goals, it is planned to create four jobs, implementation of the lamb up to 6 m. per year. 200 ha. vacant agricultural land will be in use.


Head of KFH - Merzlyakov A.M.


Merzlyakov A.M.


Udmurt Republic, Kiyasovsky District, Mushak village, Labour Str., 26.



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