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Increased production of rabbits and rabbit-breeding in Yakshur-Bodyinsky District Udmurt Republic

Industry: Agriculture, hunting and forestry

The implementation stage: Pre-investment stage


“Yakshur-Bodyinskiy district”

The purpose of the project:

1. Increase the volume of dietary product production - rabbit meat.

2. Creation of additional jobs for citizens of rural areas.

Project description:

To expand the production, it is necessary to build Slaughterhouse. There is only a building brick box for Slaughterhouse base. It is also necessary to update feeding-center because of increased number of mother rabbit population.

The total cost:

0.7 million.

Own funds:

0.2 million.

The duration of the project:

2014 - 2015

The payback period:

2 years

Integral indicators:

<p> - Creation of additional jobs for the rural citizens; </p> <p> - Increase tax deductions in budgets at all levels; </p> - Production of environmentally friendly products.


Municipality “Yakshur-Bodyinskiy district”


Nikolai Ovechkin


427100, Udmurt Republic, Yakshur-Bodyinsky District, Yakshur village



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