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Construction of inter-settlement gas pipeline “Glazov – Krasnogorsk village, Krasnogorsk District, Udmurt Republic”

Industry: Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water

The implementation stage: Pre-investment stage

The purpose of the project:

Construction of high pressure gas pipeline to supply natural gas to Krasnogorsk district citizens; creating a more comfortable living conditions for citizens; cost reduction of thermal energy for boiler, which is working on solid fuel now; improving the environmental situation in the region.

Project description:

Construction of high pressure gas pipeline on the territory of the Glazov and Krasnogorsk districts with total length of 65,445 meters, including 33200 m in the Krasnogorsk district

The total cost:

180 million.

The duration of the project:

2013 - 2015

Integral indicators:

Making the connection to the natural gas production facilities in 8 settlements around Krasnogorsk district (Villages: Deby, Udm.Karaul, Zotovo, Tuktash, St.Kachkashur, Elovo, St. Kenovay, Artik)


Administration of municipality "Krasnogorsk district"


Sigova Tamara


427650, Udmurt Republic, Krasnogorsk village, Lenin Str., 64


8 (34164) 2-16-00; 2-12-31;

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