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Garbage processing complex construction in the Udmurt Republic

Industry: Construction

The implementation stage: Pre-investment stage

The purpose of the project:

Reducing the negative impact of waste production and consumption on the environment and population health level based on an integrated system approach to optimize the management of activities in the field of waste management of production and consumption. Creating an effective waste management system of production and consumption as a result of the diversity and ever-increasing influence on the sanitary waste hygienic condition of the country, its landscape aesthetic appearance.

Project description:

Today, the whole country has developed inefficient system of collection and recycling of secondary raw materials, due to the long-term waste disposal on the territory of landfills with minimal sorting, not exceeding 3% of the total, and labor-intensive processing of waste due to the inability of their selective collection. On the territory of the republic center of concentration of industrial production is an agglomeration of cities: Izhevsk - Votkinsk - Sarapul. Share of these cities account is more than 70% of the total waste, generated in the Republic of Udmurtia.

The total cost:

800 million.

The duration of the project:

2011 - 2015

The need for investment:

800 million.

The payback period:

10-15 years

Integral indicators:

<p> Construction waste recycling plant will allow: </p> <p> - to concentrate the flow of waste from the metropolitan area; </p> <p> - To optimize the system for collecting and recycling of secondary raw materials; </p> <p> - To optimize the system for collecting, transporting, dumping and recycling; - To introduce modern technology for processing and disposal of industrial waste, agricultural waste, and health; </p> <p>  - Eliminate the growth of unauthorized waste disposal sites. </p> Additional jobs will be created at the factory, which will increase the level of employment of the Udmurt Republic, during construction and operation. With the introduction of the plant will be possible to release low-cost, best-selling products, made wholly or partly with the use of industrial and consumer waste. Due to the implementation of the investment project it can be expected to improve the revenue side of the budget of the Udmurt Republic.


Udmurt Republic government; the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Udmurt Republic


Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Udmurt Republic - Alexander Kokorin.


Izhevsk, Severniy Str, 61.



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